Simple Tips To Boost Physical Activity During Covid-19 Pandemic

Are you worried about how your physical activity has declined tremendously while staying at home during this pandemic? Know that this reduced motivation during these unprecedented times of stress is normal. Many people have been facing this as their usual routines have shifted dramatically in recent months and the attempt to returning to former exercise habits have started to feel less rewarding. This decrease in motivation is stemming from the fact that people are experiencing a weakened sense of accountability to meet their exercise goals.

Due to constant pandemic-induced lockdowns and government orders to stay indoors, the physical activities have become awfully limited than ever before as now the ability to work out with friends, like-minded strangers and attend in-person exercise classes have become really difficult. Even concerns have started growing about the effects of being cooped up indoors all day, leading to greater risks of hypertension, coronary heart diseases, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes, and mental illness. However, there are many simple ways to boost these activity levels and staying active even during the pandemic.

In times like this, technology offers a really helpful alternative to keeping us connected and accountable to our social group networks while we exercise. The invention of wearable devices like Fitbit watches and fitness tracking apps like DTH Fitness allows people to track their physical activity while simultaneously giving them the option to share their progress with their social circles to stimulate motivation through team-based challenges. Through these socially-oriented features of devices and apps, people can compete for the greatest number of stairs climbed, steps taken, calories burned, etc. Thus, making it fun as well as building accountability and helping people to stay connected and driven.

Here are simple tips that will help you in maintaining your regime of physical activities while making it equally exciting.

• Make Your Workout Interesting:

While working out, you may start to feel bored when there is no one to accompany you. In such a situation you can watch your favorite show or listen to some great music, explore a new neighborhood, catch up with an old friend over a call, or try some skateboarding, soccer, or any other sport that you love playing. This will maintain your interest and make it fun while you’re outdoors.

• Go Outside As Much As You Can:

Go for walking or jogging or try riding a bike outdoors, the fresh air, the sunshine, and the scenic beauty of the sky are enough motivators to help you continue the exercise for longer hours than just sitting idle at home. Immerse yourself in the full experience of walking or running outdoors where you notice the smell of fresh grass and air, feel the heat of the sun and the wind as you move, bringing your attention to these things will ultimately refresh your mind and boost mental health. If you’re bored on the same path, try going on a hilly side, trails, do some step-ups, or either start jumping with the help of a rope.

• Dance Like The Floor Is Yours:

That’s right! Peek into your living area when no one is around, turn up the music or your favorite jams, and let your body free to move and dance to the beats. The most pleasurable part about dancing is that it has no rules and restrictions, you can enjoy every movement and step with no one around to judge you.

• Join The Kids:

Kids add another level of excitement when it comes to working out or playing sports. Their undying and relentless energy level and stamina force you as an adult to participate with the same zeal. Play catch or tag, go for riding challenges, shoot baskets, and score the highest on that football match. Thus, making you and your kid's day worth it. It will not only stimulate physical activity but help you bond with your young ones more strongly.

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